Stacks Pavilion

Competition proposal for a winter pavilion built from cords of firewood and corrugated metal pipes. Design by ERA / Eric Rothfeder Architect.

Stacks Pavilion

The pavilion is made by compacting two simple elements: cords of firewood and corrugated metal pipes. These materials are stacked within a framework of tensioned steel bars to create a pavilion that is perceived as both solid and open, heavy and light, natural and industrial. The corrugated tubes recall large-scale structures, such as culverts, tunnels and arched huts, while the firewood suggests more intimate domestic and social gathering spaces. The pavilion flips these associations of scale and use. The hollow tubes create small, sheltered areas for people to sit and interact, while also framing views of the activities along the river. These openings also lighten the total weight of the structure, allowing the firewood stack to rise to an unlikely architectural height that meets the sky in a concave slope, echoing the undulation of the distant tree canopies. These wood and metal elements are readily available and easily reusable or recyclable after the pavilion is dissembled.


Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Type: Competition