Saltbox Cluster

An award-winning multi-unit residential apartment complex for Cape Cod, MA. Design by ERA / Eric Rothfeder Architect.

Saltbox Cluster

The Saltbox Cluster is a multi-unit residential complex on a flat, wooded site. Each single-story unit has a linear organization, oriented towards a southern exposure to maximize light, views, and privacy among the units. Storage and laundry are located in a common facility, which also extends to create a semi-enclosed, shaded public porch. Sliding screens of angled wood slats move along the southern facade of each home to provide shade in the summer without obstructing views. The placement of the units around a shared terrace creates a sense of community while delineating individual homes. The terrace also connects to a ramp from the parking area, turning universal accessibility into a feature of the design rather than an additive component to a single dwelling.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Type: Multi-Unit Residential New Construction

Status: Competition