Mind + Hand - Offices and Learning Spaces

Graphic design and interior surfaces for a non-profit STEM startup in Chicago. Design by ERA / Eric Rothfeder Architect.

Mind + Hand

ERA was commissioned to develop a graphic identity and wall installation for this non-profit startup. In response to their educational mission to combine STEM learning with hands-on making, two visual systems were developed—the first a series of symbols from numerical, algebraic and computational languages, the other derived from iconic hand gestures, motions and activities. The two systems were then combined and sorted to produce new patterns and gradients. The final version of the wall installation used the same computational and making tools that the non-profit provides to its community, creating a visual demonstration of its own resources. By transferring the abstract pattern of symbols to a wall of felt objects, the installation brings a sense of touch and tactility that reinforces their educational ambition to make learning both abstract and physical. 


Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Graphics / Commercial Interior

Fabricator: Bossfelt